Wires and Pipes and Beams, oh my!

This was taken standing in the "hallway" in the basement, looking up and too the south. The main beam in this picture is roughly below the Altar in the sanctuary.

August 20th - The same area as the previous picture, now with more stuff!

Beware the silver Octopus!

This is the bathroom in the rear of the old nursery. The floor is marked to be cut for the plumbing.

The old baby room, opened up.

Please pardon the mess!

The old toddler room. Soon to be bathrooms and the new baby/crib room.

My, what a big pile of drywall....

Sewer pipes trenched in, ready for Concrete

A view looking towards the corrider in the Toddler/2 year old room

August 20th - The toddler/2 year old area, notice the new partial wall, designed to provide "Crowd Control"

A view of the new infant play area.